Our Goats

We usually breed 2 - 4 goats and 4 - 11 kids on the farm. There are 2 basic kinds of goats on the farm:

White Shorthair Goat

White shorthair goat belongs to the Czech domestic breeds. The bucks weight reaches 70-90 kg, for goats 50-70 kg. The buck´s withers height is 75-85 cm, for goats 70-80 cm. The goat color is white with short hair without occurrence of pigment. White shorthaired goat is the major recognized milky breed in the Czech Republic. Goats are resistant, highly fertile, minimum milk yield after second lactation is 750 kg of milk (2.5 kg per day) about 3% fat content.

Brown Shorthair Goat

Brown shorthair goat belongs also to the Czech domestic breeds. The most frequent is in the border areas, for which is well adapted. Goats of this breed are smaller, the height at the bucks withers reaches 70-80 cm, for goats 65-75 cm. The bucks weight is 60-80 kg, for goats 45-50 kg. The color is brown with different shades. Muzzle is black, brown ears with black trim, black inside ears. A top of long ridge is bordered by black stripe that starts with a triangle behind the ears and ends at the base of the tail. The minimum yield for second and subsequent lactation is 650 kg milk (2.2 kg per day) about 3% fat content.

Goat products

From the goat milk, which is very healthy ..., we produce for our own consumption various kinds of soft, spreads and hard cheese.